Who we are and what we believe

Additional Information

We BELIEVE in partnership

Box of Hope is a partnership between the North Tonawanda School District, local churches, civic organizations and businesses.

We BELIEVE in organizing efforts

There are many great people in our city doing many great things. We simply try to unite some of this energy so we can make maximum impact in our community

We BELIEVE we can make our city great for the next generation

We believe that the future of  our city can be brighter as we model for our children effective ways to serve our neighbors and provide for needs through solid, authentic friendships that continue far beyond our outreaches.

How do we know who to help?

Local churches provide invitations to the school social workers, psychologists and counselors who identify the families that have the highest levels of need through their day to day experiences and relationships to these families. The schools send those registrations to those families and help them to register. 

Where do the resources come from?

Our resources come from the generosity of the people of our city. A collaboration between the schools and churches aligns those that want to sponsor with the families in need. Sponsors provide groceries, paper  and hygiene products and gifts, school supplies or other items based on the outreach we are doing and the need. (See Important Dates below)

How do the resources get to the families?

Box of Hope wants to be able to build friendships right at the doorstep of the families we serve. We organize deliveries on specific dates for each of our 3 outreaches. Sponsors are urged to not just purchase the things these families need, but deliver them too. THIS IS WHERE WE BELIEVE FRIENDSHIPS BEGIN! 

Whats next: Food For finals box

This will be the 5th year in a row that we gather food, essential items and specific school supplies for people in our city! Stay Tuned!

Important dates

Food For Finals Box

June 5, 2019

  We want the students in our schools to be as successful as possible. The Food For Finals box helps to make sure there's adequate food in the cupboards during one of the most stressful weeks of a child's school career. 

Holiday Box

December 18, 2019

The Holiday Box is our biggest outreach. Groceries are collected by the students of NTSD, gifts are provided by the churches and NTSD faculty provide gift cards for perishable items. 

School Supply Box

August 28, 2019

The School Supply Box is a delivery of specific school supplies each student in a registered household needs along with some groceries and hygiene products to help them start the school year off right. 

Register to help at least 5 weeks ahead of each of these outreaches!